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Confused with so many different gift ideas? It can be difficult choosing a gift that is unique and personal. 

A gift basket is always a great choice for various occasions because they are created with a specific theme in mind. Therefore, if its for romance or new baby, there are numerous products for that occasion. 

With a wide range of selection, they will be happy to receive at least a few things they can use immediately or put away for the right time. We take pride creating gift baskets that have purposeful products, colors and design coordinated, and hand-picked quality items.

Our local gift basket service provides two types of baskets, set gift baskets and curated gift baskets. Our set gift baskets are re-stocked and will be consistently listed on our site. Whereas the curated gift baskets are local hand picked items and each basket is exclusive.

We are always looking to grow our collection and inventory with new items for everyone to enjoy. 

What Does A Gift Basket Usually Contain?

A gift basket may contain anything. Varies on appreciation, one can even add up DIY items. It is commonly observed that gift baskets include dry or canned foods such as tea, crackers and jam. However, it may occasionally contain non-food items such as cheese and wine— especially in gourmet gift baskets.

Top 5 Reasons Why Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Gift

Easy: Gift baskets are favorable for everyone— regardless of age. Whether someone likes sweets, gourmet foods or wine, gift baskets are available in a variety of styles or sizes. Nonetheless, it is also served on occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and so on.

Personalized And Customizable: Gifts baskets are easily customizable as they can be opened and repacked. You have the flexibility of adding up more items within the gift basket without ruining their packaging. Personalize the basket with the favorite items of the recipient. For example, if they like to read or watch movies, sneak in a book or movie tickets in the basket!

Affordable: Gift baskets are affordable and come in a variety of price points. 

Unique options: Thanks to technology, the world has gotten smaller and our options have gotten much larger. We can source items from anywhere, choosing from local to international vendors and finding the latest trendy products to add. 

Insta-worthy: Gift baskets are a popular photo shoot for the receiver. If they got social media, it is likely they could be posting your gift! If you are a business, this would be a great branding strategy to implement. With beautiful hues and unique products, who wouldn't want to snap a lovely suprise gift to show their friends and family!

Do you know, in some countries, gift baskets are used as a sympathy gift or condolences gift during funerals? In Asian countries, gift baskets, which usually contain dry fruits, are used for decoration purposes— especially on grand occasions such as marriage.
Services of local gift baskets in Vancouver are also available for corporate companies. Corporate gifts are aimed to boost the gratitude of employees towards the organizations and are used often as a marketing instrument.

We love to support our local economy, therefore we are always open to vendors looking to create local gift baskets to partner with on our website.

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